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The Internet and World Wide Web provide a superb resource for Geography students. The Internet Geographer is a project that aims to give easier access to the vast array of useful resources on the internet.

There is so much information about locations and issues which change rapidly:

  • Detailed case studies
  • Up to date information
  • News reports & current issues
  • Technical papers for in-depth study
  • Sites specifically written for school study

The Internet Geographer is a directory of useful web sites. These are grouped in different aspects of Geography. From the contents page or navigation frame, click on the link for the aspect of Geography that you are interested in, read the brief descriptions and star rating. Click on the hypertext link if it seems worth a visit.

There is also a search facility which lets you do a key word search of the database of links listed in The Internet Geographer's directory. There are educational quiz pages ('Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' and '20 Questions') and a message board for the exchange of ideas and useful sites and to make suggestions.

The aim is to provide hypertext links from The Internet Geographer to websites and pages with valuable information for the study of school geography in the UK. Sites are visited and evaluated for geographical content. However no responsibility can be accepted for the content or veracity of these sites as they are externally controlled.

If You Found The Internet Geographer Useful...

Please help to make it better. It is intended to develop this site into a self-help site for interested students, teachers and schools.

To extend and update the links included, if you visit a site, please send your evaluations of its value for school geography. That way, ratings can be made more accurate.

If you find another valuable site, please e mail its url address (http://www. etc.), with a brief description.

Let us know about broken links too, please.

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About the Writer

To use the Internet wisely, it is important to be aware of the quality of the source of information. In the light of the need for web publishers to be open about their credentials, the following is offered.

The Internet Geographer site is written and maintained by Kevin Hughes, a graduate of Oxford University with a Masters degree in Psychology of Education, a former teacher of Geography and now an educational ICT consultant. Past experience (22 years in classroom teaching, as a head of department and as a pastoral head),  covers all of Key Stages 3 and 4, and AS and A2 level Geography, together with Information Communication Technology in a mixed comprehensive with 'beacon status' in Peterborough, UK.

The site is maintained with no financial backing, using only those resources available at no cost, and spare time at evenings and weekends.

The Internet Geographer © 2000 Kevin Hughes