The Past & Present of Geospatial Data

The Internet Geographer is a person who researches internet culture, internet geography, and the geographical aspects of the Internet. They use methods such as social media analysis, web data extraction, network analysis, and mapping to study what happens on the internet.

Internet Geographers are responding to digital transformations in their environment by trying to map out the social media networks of various groups on the internet. They try to predict how these social networks will change in response to different events, such as political victories.

Internet Geographers can also help companies navigate through changing technology by predicting how different technological shifts will impact them both economically and socially.

Internet Geographers are a new breed of digital marketers. They design content that can be shared across various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. They have to produce engaging and sharable content for different audiences and create visuals that can be easily understood by people who use the internet on a regular basis.

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